Aspen Gold Premium Bedding

Our Plant

Locally Produced

We have a production capacity of 90,000 tons of wood pellets per year at the Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center located near WI SR-27 and WI SR-8 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. We use an improved manufacturing process that consistently yields the highest quality pellet, which is available for purchase in bulk or in bags. The Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center is located within one mile of major truck routes and is served by the Canadian National Railroad with an on-site rail spur.

Facility Description

Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center includes the following major systems and equipment, all of which are fully integrated and automatically controlled:

Wood yard capable of receiving roundwood, chips and sawdust
Log debarking and chipping
Biomass fueled dryer
Wet and dry hammermills
Pellet mills
Pellet cooler and collectors
Bagging system with robotic palletizer

News about Aspen Gold

News about Aspen Gold
News about Aspen Gold

Aspen Gold™ Premium Wood Pellet Bedding  |  Superior Quality, Color & Comfort  |  Produced in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA
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