Aspen Gold Premium Bedding

Recommended Use

In order to get the most from your experience with Aspen Gold™ Premium Wood Pellets, we recommend that you follow our simple, easy-to-understand directions.

Our experts have researched, tested and documented different methods for using our product. We appreciate any additional input that you may have.
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  1. Strip and clean the stall of all previously used, older bedding.
  2. Prepare five to seven (5-7) bags per stripped and cleaned stall.
  3. Lay bags flat and cut packaging diagonally, from corner to corner.
  4. Add two to three (2-3) gallons of water to each bag. If available, warm water will accelerate the expansion process.
  5. Allow the bedding to absorb the added water and expand. Prepared bedding will be light, fluffy and dry to the touch.
  6. Empty the contents of the Aspen Gold™ packaging and spread evenly across the stall floor.
  7. To ensure your animal’s comfort, remove solids and soiled areas daily.
  8. Add additional bedding as needed. Completely strip and clean each stall every two to three (2-3) months.

Aspen Gold™ Premium Wood Pellet Bedding is not for human or animal consumption.

News about Aspen Gold

News about Aspen Gold
News about Aspen Gold
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