Aspen Gold Premium Bedding

What people are saying about Aspen Gold™

Mike Stidham, Stidham Racing

“I can't afford to put any additional stress on my horses. Aspen Gold's low dust formula keeps the air in my barns clean and my horses' lungs clear – all while providing superior cushion and comfort. The unique properties of Aspen Gold have made cleaning stalls easy and efficient. My manure pile grows at half the normal rate, all this saves me time and money. I would gladly use Aspen Gold if it was similar in price to other bedding options. The great news: it's not only better, it's cheaper.”
Mike Stidham has been a successful thoroughbred trainer for more than 25 years.

Diane Logue, Tizmar Equine, Cannon Falls, Minn.

“When it comes to managing my horses, anything that saves me time is saving me money. Aspen Gold is different from other products I have tried. Mucking my stalls is less work, I’ve been raking out less bedding material and my waste pile is growing more slowly.”

Cindy Martinovic, Frontenac Farm, West Dundee Ill.

“Aspen Gold reduced dust in my barn, the amount of time and effort it takes to clean my stalls and reduced my bedding and disposal costs. It is really a superior product when compared to all other pellet bedding brands I have tried.”

Cheryl Ganey, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

“As a horse owner, Aspen Gold has really been a great product. Not only does the absorbency far exceed shavings, it also smells phenomenal – and that’s a plus for me.”

News about Aspen Gold

News about Aspen Gold
News about Aspen Gold
Aspen Gold™ Premium Wood Pellet Bedding  |  Superior Quality, Color & Comfort  |  Produced in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA
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